Teaming up with Iron Planet

It's a great day when you can team up with another awesome company like Iron Planet to raise awareness and spread the word about our Veterans facing PTSD and suicidal thoughts..  In case you haven't heard of these guys, they also run Gov planet and they auction off everything from construction equipment to military HMMWV's.  

We started talking to these guys because one of our long term goals is to help Veterans who are leaving the military find jobs that relate to what they did in the service, and work for companies that understand how those jobs translate into the civilian sector.  Like I said before, Iron Planet also runs Gov Planet who auctions off retired Military HMMWV's.  In order to get those HMMWV's up and running, they need people who know how to work on them.  Who better than the Men and Women of our armed forces!?  They need veterans who are leaving the service to come work for them to get these vehicles in top shape for auction time so they came to us to help them out.

This is only our first step towards helping our Veterans find good jobs with great companies, but we couldn't ask for a better first partner.  If you happen to know any Veterans who are/were mechanics and are leaving the service, or about to leave the service, let us know by e-mailing so we can get them to the right place.  

Remember, our profits go to our Vets, they need it more than we do.  We love the support that has already been given, and thank you in advance for the future support.  Share our website and our story so we can help as many Veterans as possible.