About us

We are a 100% Veteran owned and operated company with a mission to help fight the high number of Veteran Suicides every day in this country.  We design our own clothing and donate the proceeds to various Veteran Charity organizations that help Veterans receive help for many combat related injuries and illnesses.  Buy a shirt, help a vet, It's a Win/Win for everyone.

We also participate and take part in promoting Crossfit Competitions mainly in Southern California.  We have found that many veterans greatly benefit from not only the physical results of an exercise regimen like Crossfit, but the emotional support that comes along with the tight communities that Crossfit is known for.  A big cause for depression among veterans after leaving the service is the brotherhood that they leave behind, the Crossfit community doesn't replace that brotherhood, but the closeness of the Crossfit community does provide some familiarity for Veterans. 

Both Lenny and Justin were stationed in Schofield Barracks in Hawaii for 3-4 years during which time we deployed to Iraq for 15 months.  After returning to Hawaii we went our separate ways and began living our civilian lives.  After a few years of being dirty civilians we decided it was time to find a way to work together again in some form or fashion.  Thus Vet Threadz was born.  We wanted to focus on quality garb for those of us who enjoy freedom, shooting guns and getting our swoll on.  Both Lenny & Justin have had multiple friends from the service commit suicide and feel that instead of trying to make a bunch of money in this business that the money would be better served being donated to various veterans charities to help fight Veteran Suicides.  

Our team includes the following:

Justin:  He's the originator of this whole cluster, of course he wouldn't have moved forward if it weren't for Lenny (we'll get to him later).  He joined the Army when he was 18 to be a medic.  Duty stations include Wheeler Army Airfield in Hawaii, Schofield Barracks in Hawaii and Fort Campbell in Kentucky.  He's been to Afghanistan twice and Iraq once and managed to make it back home each time.  Justin is a member of Crossfit Incinerator which is also Veteran owned and oporated.   He currently lives in Temecula California with his wife April and Daughter Charlotte.

Lenny: This dude is as quick witted as he is awesome, so expect him to say something smart assed if talk to him.  Pretty much the same story as Justin with a few exceptions.  First, he's half Korean, but as he would put it "only the upper half".  Second, he hasn't quite figured out how to put a condom on and as a result has like 4 kids or something like that.  The other difference is that he served with the 82nd which is the 101st's rival when it comes to air borne units.  Fun fact, he was training to go to ranger school one morning and was hit by a car which blew out his knee and forced him to just be a normal medic, awe, poor Lenny.  He's ok now though.